Authors: Pablo Ayo (story and art), Lavinia Slabu (colors) Available on Comixology NOW!*

In a distant world called Shandar there are two main continents: the western Lands of Kennar, inhabited by the Kenreen, and the Realms of Vizreem, inhabited by the orientals Vizerath. The Kenreen are the descendants of the Norse gods Alasheers, while the Vizerath are the sons of the black elves Sirtharr. As we will discover in the plot, they inhabit one of the two moons of the planet, which is equipped with atmosphere. The gods are actually extraterrestrial, immortal beings. The Alasheers nourish themselves by the mortals worshipping, while the Sirtharr feed by sucking mortal’s souls. The hate between the two divine races was inherited by their two humans breeds, in perpetual war. After the War of the Gods, which occurred 20,000 years ago, Alasheers and Sirtharr almost became extinct. The Alasheers initially were about 40,000 and the Blak Elves 85,000, but at the end of the war remaining only 3000 Gods and their opponents just 1200. They decided not to fight anymore, preferring let the human races fight for them, like a chess game. The war between Kenreen and Vizerath would decide the fate of the “game”, giving the victory to the gods related to the winners, and slavery to the others. Now this conflict seems to have come to an end. The Third Crusade against the infidels Vizerath ordered by King Albion the Wise and  the dean of the Sacred Temple Ruimoor Jhär, is now over. Battlefield casualties were dramatical high on both sides, and even between civilian the death toll was impressive. The Realms of Vizreem falled, but a very high price. Most of the Kennar's troops remained in the East, to guard the newly conquered territories and quell the riots. Former soldiers and deserters roam the wilds, stealing and looting. Others ex-warriors are seeking a way to get back home, or for their own personal redemption.

The Gods of Heavens, which always protect people from demons, now have fallen in a deep sleep of a hundred years, called the Oloorna Kharsa. During this period of darkness, that take place once in a century and a half, the Gods don’t protects humans anymore, and the demons and monsters of distant lands are free to come and attack people, because humans are so similar to the hated Gods of Heaven: in fact they spare the same genetic. Gabriel Huntermoon, a former crusader who has lost his memory, is possessed by the spirit of a Dark God called "the Guardian" who gives him uncontrollable powers. Gabriel is tired, frightened and unwilling to fight, disgusted by the violence he witnessed in war. Rihannon Mohernoor, a young and attractive young red-haired apprentice sorceress, convinces him to fight to protect the villages (unprotected because of the Crusade) from a unusual invasion of monsters and demons. Rihannon believes that Gabriel is the man mentioned by ancient prophecies, the Gorian Karem Rou, the savior chosen from heaven that will protect humans from the demons and will lead them into a New Era. Gabriel does not believe the prophecies, but his tormented spirit drives him to help others, even if it receives contempt and fear in exchange for his generosity.