Gabriel Huntermoon
Gabriel is a veteran of the last crusade against the eastern Kingdom of Vizerath, traumatized by a massacres that he failed to prevent. Fled from the army with the infamous charges of desertion, Gabriel took refuge on the dark peaks of Kohdat. In mysterious circumstances he was taken by the spirit of a dark god called "the guardian", who now possess his body and  emerges in times of danger, allowing him to fight with superhuman powers. However, he can't control the power of the guardian, and lives with the constant fear of the destruction he causes fighting demons and witches. Now he wander with no memory of his past in the lands of Kennar, trying to figure out his path.

Rhiannon Mohernoor
Rihannon is a young apprentice sorceress that study the magic of fire with the old wizard Hammerkunin, to which she is deeply attached. She also studies alchemy and magic herbal with the Abbess Valisha, that she trust blindly, unaware of her evil purpouses. Borned in one of the most ancient and noble families of Kennar, the Mohernoor, Rihannon loves reading ancient books and learn curative spells, as well as fight. 

Hammerkunin the Mage
The origins of Hiadel Hammerkunin are unknown. He is one of the most ancient and powerful mages of Kennar. He was once a Dean in the Holy Monastery of the 12 Gods of Heavens, and it is rumoured that he was one of the founders of the order. Nobody knows his real age, because some mages can live very long. Now he lives alone, mainly in the woods, surrounded by the forces of nature. Sometimes Hammerkunin acts as counsellor of the Kings and nobles of Kennar, or as a mentor for the younger knights, who must learn to recognize the dark magic and how to defend themselves from witches and demons.


Valisha Draghalia, Duchess of Venmaliatus 
The duchess Valisha Draghalia is the Abbess of the Temple of the Holy Vestals of the Sun God Kandareth. Unknown to most, she is also a powerful and deadly enchantress, claiming to be the reincarnation of the great goddess Valeesha. She started to learn black magic in her childhood, along with all the seducing arts of the dark witches. After the death of her mother, she poisoned her stepmother.  She can easely hypnotize and bend the will of everyone if their don't have magical protections. She is also a great herbalist and her drugs can be very effective.

Hodart Bran, Prince of Tholianeth
Hodart Bran is the illegitimate son of King Albion, born to a concubine. His older half-brother, Jehan, is the rightful heir to the throne of Tholianeth, the capital of Kennar. Bran has very few scruples and an aggressive behaviour, moreover he's full of anger and envy towards his brother, because he wants to be the only successor to his father King Albion, who is old and unwell.

Jaleena the Witch, the "Dark Summoner"
Jaleena is a Vizerath's witch, a summoner. She is part of the shadow group known as "The Thirteen Kings". However, she seems to have his own plans, which her leaders are unaware of.
Thanks to his magic staff she is able to summon terrifying creatures from a dark dimension known as Darkforest: satyrs, giants, goblins and trolls, who are forced to obey her by the gem in the staff. She can also launch shots of magical energy and can manipulate people's thoughts.